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Board Chairman:   Paul Smith
Medical Director:   Dr. Prithvi Shankar
  Barry Yost ext 32

Director of Nursing:   Randy Koehn ext 26
Director of Staff Development:   Katrina Anderson ext 25
Dietary Supervisor:   Bonnie Toews ext 27
Infection Preventionist:   Susan Pulido ext 22
Quality of Life Director:
  Laura Koehn ext 30

Social Services:   Karen Koehn ext 28
Medical Records:   Susie Cabral-Yori ext 29
Environmental Services Manager:   Janet Alvarado
Maintenance Supervisor:   Sam Peaster ext 20


July 1964
Grace Nursing Home Grows and Improves
By Chris Richert

From a need for proper care of elderly people, Grace Nursing Home was established six years ago; a new addition has just been completed to meet the growing need.

The Mennonite Home on W. Peach Avenue, can now care for 25 patients. "The largest portion of people who come here are now in their final days, and we try to be as kind and loving to them as possible," explained Alfred Koehn, the home's overall advisory board member and treasurer.

A new wing has just been completed making nine more beds available for patients. Each bedroom has two beds, a private bath and a closet. A new ward contains three beds. There are 13 patient rooms in the home.

The Day Room, where patients visit, read and eat their meals if able to be up, has been completely painted and redecorated. A larger utility room was added in the latest building program.

New appliances have been installed in the modern kitchen including stove and dishwasher. "The washer is really something," Koehn said. "It is a commercial type made of stainless steel and can wash a set of dishes in four minutes." Koehn pointed out an air conditioner and furnace room, supplied with natural gas, that have been recently installed. The home is also enlarging it sewage disposal system.

The home is very similar to a hospital in its operation, except that no surgery is performed. The staff doctor is J.J. Wolohand, MD., but patients are free to choose their own doctor, Koehn said. Making possible efficient operation, the home also has offices, laundry room and a large supply room where the supplies are stored.

There are 21 part and full time workers at the home who work on a low salary scale, Koehn said. "We stress the work not in terms of money, but as a volunteer Christian service." He said that many workers give as much as three months volunteer service free when employed.

John Koehn, Alfred's brother, is superintendent of the establishment. The head nurse is Marlene Giesbrecht and Elda Koehn is an assistant LPN. All workers at the home are of the Mennonite faith.

May 1958
Dedicate Grace Nursing Home in Livingston
Credit Merced Sun-Star

Livingston - Between 800 and 900 visitors were on hand Sunday, May 11, to attend dedication ceremonies of the Grace Nursing Home.

Gerald Mininger of Winton, member of the board of directors, served as master of ceremonies with Harvey Dyck, also on the board, welcoming the visitors.

Alfred Koehn of Livingston, a third board member, gave a brief history of the building which, with its furnishings cost members of the churches of God in Christ Mennonite of Winton, Livingston, and Glenn the total of $44,850.00. Eight thousand of the total 10,000 working hours gone into the construction were donated by members of the churches.

The home has eight rooms in which 15 patients will placed according to John B. Koehn, chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the building committee. He said members of the churches of God in Christ Mennonite as well as other residents of Merced County will be admitted there for care.

Members of the home staff who were introduced included Jesse Jantz, Winton, Superintendent; Mrs. Darrell Mininger, Winton, supervisor of nurses; Mrs. Jesse Jantz and Darrel Mininger, nurse aides; Mrs. Lydia Schmidt, Winton, cook and Mrs. Fred Jantz, Livingston, laundry operator.

The Rev. John A. Koehn of Livingston delivered the dedication sermon and offered prayer. Henry Albers of Oakland, from whom the furnishings were purchased, spoke briefly as did Dr. Frank A. Brewer, Merced County Health Officer. Brewer expressed surprise that the group had built the building for such a small outlay of money when such a construction would have cost from $100,000 to $120,000. Neill Gallaway, chairman of the board of supervisors, complimented church members upon the erection of the home.

The home will be open for patients about May 20. Kenneth Jantz of Livingston is also a member of the board of directors and Jack Eck and Jack Friesen of Glen and Curtis Dirks of Bonners Ferry, Idaho associated members.

Members of the building committee are John Esau and Frank Giesbrecht of Winton and Herman Nightengale and C. Koehn of Livingston.

Grace Home: Then and Now
By Nathanael Groff

According to John B. Koehn, Grace Home was started by the suggestion of a state inspector. The inspector found out that there were three elderly invalids being taken care of in a home near the Winton church. The inspector liked what he saw, but couldn't give them the approval to continue. Instead, he suggested that they start a nursing home.

John B. and Alfred Koehn decided to investigate the possibility. Neither one had ever seen a nursing home, so the two of them drove around the area trying to find one. Within a twenty-five mile radius, they only found one, small, six-bed nursing home. This gave them a place to start with their ideas.

Next, they took their ideas to the Winton and Livingston congregations for consideration. Both congregations approved of the plans and started collecting pledges. Once the plans for the building were drawn up and the money for the pledges started to come in, the work was begun. John Esau and Herman Nightengale were the head carpenters. They took turns supervising the volunteer labor donated by two congregations. The nursing home was dedicated May 11, 1958.

Since 1958, the home has grown from a 16-bed facility to a 33-bed facility. It continues to provide the same care and compassion that was given to those first three residents. Grace Home is not finished growing. The board of directors is still looking and planning for ways to reach out to more of the elderly in the community.
Today, as we look back over 50 years of service, the question arises: "What is Grace Home?" Grace Home has become a beautiful tapestry comprised of residents, family members, employees, board members, and volunteers of the present, the past, and as God continues to bless; the future. Grace Home is truly a picture of Christian service through each individual who has contributed to the residents of the home.

With God's help, Grace Home has weathered both good times and trying times. In the history of Grace Home, may we find comfort from the good, learn lessons from the failings, and find inspiration in the faith that God will continue to bless our sincere Christian service in the future.


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